White Friday

In case you didn’t get the memo White is the new Black – everyone from a Jewish grandfather in a white polo strolling the streets to the editorial elites running around during fashion week wearing white dresses. Everyone is doing it. You see white skinnies on the gay dudes in the West Village and the white array of garments that flowed down the runways this season – including this laser-cut ThreeASFOUR dress above that was i-shot by yours truly.

 So whoever still believes that you can’t wear white after Labor Day might have to think of themselves as outdated morons. Too harsh?

 Granted what came down the runway this week showcases spring 2014 fashion, but white is everywhere and so let’s celebrate it. White means (to me) cleanliness, space, calmness, restfulness and also makes me want to eat a white cake or just have a massage, (but I’ll never be caught drinking milk – just FYI).

 In support of this white phenomenon, I pulled a few of my favorite whites – everything from interior accents to wardrobe jewels to the dog to me. Not. (Seriously this has nothing to do with white people, nor the White House). And naturally my favorite: a white shirt–a long Celine tuxedo shirt that works without pants. Can almost work as a dress without looking nothing like Miley Cyrus.

 Have a wicked white weekend, ya’ll



moi in white rag & bone shirt drinking from a white fornasetti cup
white celine tuxedo shirt (dress)
white celine wedge + white fuzzy chair
white little sam
white adler trio
little white givenchy dress (lwd)
white eames rocker
white gehry vase + white terrace curtain


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